otrdiena, 2008. gada 8. jūlijs

ORNELLA MUTI & FABRICE KERHERVÉ look forward to meeting you at RIGA on the 19th-20th-21th JULY 2008.

Ornella Muti will appear in Riga to present her very first Jewellery Collection. Fashionable, ethnic, sophisticated jewels, in the style of their creator.

Why jewels, you might ask?
"I want to make women happy. All women love jewels and I love perfection and things which are well made. I wanted to create beautiful, quality jewels at a reasonable price. It is important for every women who so desires to be able to have quality jewels but in a simple way. Wearing beautiful jewels gives self-confidence. I want to give women the power to believe in themselves and please themselves."
Ornella Muti.

Ornella Muti has chosen to associate herself with Fabrice Kerhervé, founder of the KGC Celebrities concept, to promote her jewellery line. Discover all the facets of this concept at Riga.

The program includes: Fashion Show, Question/Answer Sessions with Ornella Muti and VIP Dinner!

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