pirmdiena, 2008. gada 28. jūlijs

Ornella Mouth in Riga: love in the pieces of hands of iron

Ornella Muti, the famous actress of Italians, presents its in Riga of the first jewellery collections, in the Latvian society house. It the first collection, what gotes from ear-rings, rings, coulombs, is formed from precious metals and semiprecious stones, for example, silver, zirconium, also rubies, it is colourful, formed after principles of a linear composition.

First the goods designed by an actress ? bangles with a love subject "Free me, if you love me", what is written in Manipuri speech on a sateen ribbon, what closes up with two pieces of hands of iron covered by zirconium - were received as a gift celebrities and men of the highest community, in exclusive middays in festival of the Tribeca films time in April, on which was invited also Ornella Mouth.

O.Muti collection is a lucky person event people, which choose stylish businesses. It is formed from colourful stone in a silver frame and a few most exclusive designs in a limited amount accessible also from gold and jewels.

"I am disturbed for this the first collection. This is an age-old sleep, which ends has filled. I already in length of many years form jewellery of designs, and there is an enormous collection me, what is collected from all world. This line is colourful, linear and fashionable. Are so remarkable to create something glorious and valuable, what all women" can afford at the same time, O.Muti tells.

"I did not want a traditional shop also, and I like an idea, that collection is accessible all women in all world, simple visiting notice www.ornella-muti.com of house sheets. It is simple, fashionable and quickly. Due to a company KGC Group, have developed collection, which excellent and gone into detail represent my projects. Therefore I am very much satisfied with a result."

Ornella Muti jewellery collection is created, co-operating with an international company KGC. Actress in a visit the conception KGC Celebrities founder Fabrice Kerherve, which also in answers on the questions of enterprise participants, conducts on Riga.

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